Call for Submittals


The 2017 theme for Georgia A4LE Summer Conference is “Build to Grow | Build to Last”. The theme seeks to allow us to engage planners in developing creative and innovative solutions to the situational effects on the built environment. The lineup in 2016 was top-notch and we look to another outstanding lineup in 2017! With our Summer Conference quickly approaching, it’s time to open our Call for Presentations.

Our goal is to provide presentations that challenge the traditional and inspire interesting, useful, and innovative processes that will help all of us navigate these exciting and challenging times in our industry.


The Georgia A4LE Summer Conference to be held at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, on June 11-14, 2017 is seeking submittals from vendors and suppliers to display an innovative and high-tech classroom of the future as a tool for exploration and discovery during our conference.

The growth of technology and the breadth of work being done to incorporate 21st Century Learning concepts into our schools have raised more questions than answers. The desire for the display is to create an interest in how new ideas and new technologies might be used in classroom environments. Each room will be open during the conference for attendees to explore and experience the products and concepts available to their districts.

Please note - our intention is to display ideas, technologies and products available for use in outfitting classrooms of the future, not to provide a separate marketing location for the vendors and/or companies. Each company will be allowed to place discreet signage identifying the manufacturer and/or provider of the material in the space and must have an exhibit booth location within the main exhibitor space.