Safety Protocols

A portion of the GA4LE Board recently completed a site visit to Jekyll Island to determine the viability of hosting the Summer Conference this year given the current state of the pandemic and vaccine roll out. We're very pleased to announce that we will be moving forward with the conference in June. We're working hard to communicate and enumerate all the reasons why we are confident we can host this event, how we will maintain proper safety procedures to establish an environment that is as safe as we possibly can, and communicate our expectations for cooperation from you, our attendees so we can all come back together, finally.

It won't and it can't look just like it did in 2019 or years before. We're incorporating technology like never before, using the spaces at our disposal to their maximum potential, and doing our best to think outside the box to create a familiar, yet updated attendee experience for everyone. We haven't figured everything out just yet, but we have enough clarity and detail in place to move forward. To sort out the remaining items, we want your feedback to ensure we're addressing everyone's concerns.

We hosted TWO virtual meetings, one for school personnel and one for business partners, exhibitors, and sponsors in early March. If you weren't able to participate, you may view the school personnel session at the link below. In addition we've posted some other documents that outline the safety protocols in place at each facility and GA4LE's safety plan.

The meeting for the school personnel addressed concerns, outlined our safety plans, shared how the facilities are ensuring safe environments, and explained how we plan to host this event. We hope this will help allay any personal concerns and provide a level of comfort to your systems if any are hesitant to allow travel and training at this time.


documents coming soon


documents coming soon