Georgia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments, Inc. (GA4LE) is a non-profit association whose primary mission is to improve the places where children learn.  Members, individuals, institutions and corporations are actively involved in planning, designing, building, equipping and maintaining school facilities across the State of Georgia.  The association serves members through three key strategic areas:

  • Advocacy and education of the general public, including policy makers, on the efficacy of school design and student outcomes; resource for planning effective educational facilities.
  • Training and professional development of our members and others through current programming, seminars, conferences and promoting best practices in creative school planning
  • Research and dissemination of information regarding the link between the educational facility, its design and student success.

GA4LE has grown to one of the strongest and most active organizations affiliated with Association for Learning Environments.  With our signature event, the outstanding summer conference celebrating its eleventh year in 2017, we have great expectations to further grow our membership and reach school personnel across the state.  Your sponsorship is critical to the growth and success of our organization.

The 2016 conference saw over 500 registrants with over 130 facilities representatives from nearly half of the school systems in Georgia.  This is due in large part to the continued ability to offer the conference to the school system representatives at NO cost, made possible by the generous and overwhelming support of our SPONSORS!

This organization is the advocate for excellence in student learning environments. Research has proven that there is an integral relationship between the quality of educational facilities and the level of student achievement.

A4LE believes that:

  • Facilities impact the learning, development and behavior of the facility user;
  • The planning process is essential for quality facilities;
  • Sharing and networking improves the planning process; and
  • There is a standard by which to measure.

World-class educational facilities require the leadership of qualified and professional educators, planners, architects, and construction professionals. Since 1921, A4LE has served this portion of the education community as the international umbrella organization linking the professional efforts of these experts in developing creative learning environments.

The organization continues to be the preeminent educational facilities planning organization, bringing these constituencies together and providing strategic leadership, and member value in several critical areas:

  1. Serving as a growing, diverse, participative organization.
  2. Continuing to be a cutting-edge resource communicating knowledge through effective mediums and technologies.
  3. Striving to be the leading provider of education and training for educational facility planners.
  4. Leading the education community in promoting, partnering, collecting and disseminating research.
  5. Continuing to be recognized as the advocate for, and authority on, educational facility planning.
  6. And, finally, to be a financially viable organization that is governed and managed in support of the strategic plan and vision.

The organization is committed to facilitating creative and responsible planning, design, construction and renovation of schools and colleges, which will provide the most effective learning environments for students of all ages.