Summer Conference


The 2017 conference saw nearly 500 registrants with 150 facilities representatives from nearly half  the school systems in Georgia!

School system participation has steadily grown each year as evident in the maps below which detail participation for each of the past 10 conferences.

For 2018 we’ve set another lofty goal of 170 school facilities personnel from  60% of the systems in Georgia.  The only way we can meet that goal is to maintain and expand the generous support of our industry partners through annual sponsorships and conference participation.

We understand the challenges continuing to face our industry in this economic climate and have worked diligently to maintain and build value into the sponsorship packages for 2018.



We are pleased to announce that Daikin has renewed their Summer Conference Title Sponsorship for our annual event in June at Callaway Gardens.  We're excited to have Daikin on board and greatly appreciate their support of Georgia A4LE, Inc.

     School System Participation Maps